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Lazar Robotic Welding specializes in steel fabrication and offers numerous services to the Automotive sector. These include Manufacturing and supply, as well as maintenance of stillages, trolleys, and dolleys. Lazar also supplies fabricated parts such as Antenna poles, brackets, and structural steel products to the communication and renewable energy sector.



Lazar Robotic Welding is steel fabricating company started operating in 2014. Our business module was based on supplying the construction, telecommunications and energy sector with steel fabricated products with shorter lead times. 

We centre our marketing strategy towards smaller players in the industry making sure our products are up to standard and on time deliveries.

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Approved projects


Years of experience


Through our excellent service offering, Lazar Robotic welding has expanded in size, product offering and revenue. In the process we have increased our staff compliment from 4 employees to over 26.



"Lazar's expertise in manufacturing packaging tools made them the perfect fit for our specific needs. Lazar helped us all the way down to the installation and operation. And it works very well."
"We have worked very closely with Lazar Robotic Welding on many trolley and stillage projects, and they can count on our full support. Lazar has always represented out products in the most professional way possible, which is shown our satisfaction at the end of a project."


Lazar is divided into 3 divisions:

 Automotive  =  80%
 Energy  = 10%
 Telecommunications = 5%
 Other (new business) = 5%

“We design and create Material Handling Solutions”

We design and manufacture stillage’s carts and dolly’s based on customer requirements. Our products can be bolted, welded or stitch.
We used a range of material and methods ranging from mild steel, aluminium, polyurethane, canvas and Tyvek. We also provide cost saving
options to our clients this includes:

       • Refurbishments (sand blasting to remove rust and repaint)
        • Maintenance on damage structures
 • Modifying old stillages or carts to equip new parts

 • Onsite maintenance

Most of our products are made out industry norm of welded solutions, different part put together through welding process. The process is not adaptable enough for the constant change that the industry is seeing.

We as Lazar welding we take account into the dynamic changes in the world, countries, products, new technologies and paradigm shift hence we consider and provide flexible solution into the industry on our product offering.


Lazar has a dedicated design and product development team and uses SOLIDWORKS®; we can shorten the design cycle, increase productivity and deliver innovative products to market faster.

Our products are made to offer the following:
·  Cost saving.
· Efficiency
·  Better ergonomic and accessibility
·  Flexibility and re-configurability

Our products are used for the movement, storage, control and protection of materials, goods and products throughout the process of manufacturing, distribution, consumption and disposal.


We use Solidworks to aid in the creation, modification, analysis or optimization of design. We use it to create manufacturing data packs, we also do simulations and produce rendered images. Data packs help us to eradicate any redundant mistakes to keep everything under control. All our SOLIDWORKS® drawings give guidelines to our team in different departments of the workshop to meet the desired goal.


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  • 294b Price Str, Watloo, Pretoria, 0184  
  • Tel: +27 12 803 1103
  • admin@lazarwelding.co.za

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